Becoming Your Goals: New Year’s Resolutions 2019

New Year’s Resolutions. Do you make them? I would like to share a different approach to goals that I picked up from Rachel Hollis, author of “Girl Wash Your Face.

I have been listening to her RISE podcast, so it may have been there that I heard this, but it really stuck with me. Rachel shared that she writes down her goals every day. What is different is HOW she states them.

She writes them as if they already happened. For example, before she ever became a published author, she would write:

“My book is on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.”

Not, “I am going to going to be a published author.” Not, “I am going to make more time to write.” Not, “I need to find an agent.”

She would write, “My book is on the shelves at Barnes and Noble.”

Another example could be:

“I am a person who runs 5ks with my friends.”

Rather than, “I need to get healthy.” or “I am joining a gym.” or “I am going to get up early run every morning.”

This really resonated with me. You still have to break down the steps to consider how you are going to make the goal happen, but the end result is clear!  I decided to look at some of my current goals and write them as if they already happened.

It turned out to be harder than I thought! The exercise forced me to envision what I REALLY wanted. I went back and forth to my list over several weeks and a took a long hard look at where I was headed.

I discovered that one of the things I really wanted was to go back to school! This surprised me because I already have two bachelor degrees, two teaching certificates (valid, but inactive), and a master’s degree. Instead of being finished with education, (thinking that it was to expensive and unnecessary – or whatever) I discovered that what I really wanted was to continue learning!

I knew it the moment I wrote: “I am a community psychologist.”

What goals can you become?


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