Clean Your Room!

Stressed by the  mess in your child’s room?  Don’t battle – reduce!  Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  Clothes – Reduce the number of clothes your child is directly responsible for.  One laundry basket full + one nicer outfit?  Remove the rest from the immediate environment and store.  What remains is a little over a week’s worth of clothes and underwear that fit better in drawers and closets with all that extra room!

2.  Toys – Reduce the number of toys your child is directly responsible for.  While sorting, look for categories that have open-ended uses and are developmentally appropriate.  An eight year-old girl example:  One bin of dress-up clothes + one bin of dolls and accessories + one bin of books.  The rest should find a home OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

3.  Maintenance – Store and label the remaining toys and clothes.  After a month or so, make time to “go shopping” through the stored items.  Rotate clothes.  Select different toys, as needed.  Things seems fresher when they have been out-of-sight.

Now when your child has clean clothes to put away, dirty laundry to pick-up off the floor, and/or toys to wrangle it is all more manageable!  Give it a try!

Do your kids put away their own clothes?  What is preventing it?

One comment on “Clean Your Room!

  1. AnnMarie

    I love this post! I am going to do the laundry basket idea for the clothes. So excited at the prospect of having drawers that are easy to put clothes away because then there will be no excuse for why they don’t put their own clothes away. Thanks, Leslie!

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