Declaring Order in a Storage Room – Part 3

Declaring Order in a Storage Room – Leftovers!

With a fast and furious “Sort and Remove” complete – what is left in the leftovers?  Everyone has unique leftovers after a big purge and this storage pile was no exception.  Because the homeowner worked with toddlers, there were many random toddler toys in the mix.  These were gathered and given away to family, friends, and pre-schools.

School memorabilia.  The kids were called in to reminisce and sort through items.  Original writing, report cards, and a few art projects were kept.  Everything else went to the recycle bin.  It is important to take the time to look through these items.  The kids enjoyed looking back and laughing about how far they had come.

So…what was the most notable item recovered in the pile?  A Gift Certificate for a beloved teacher mixed in with the school papers.  It had not quite expired, so the decision was made to find her and pass it along.  She was tickled too.  What unexpected item have you uncovered in a re-organizing project?

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