Declaring Order in the Closet

Warm weather blew in quickly this year!  Tis officially the season to Declare Order in the closet!  This is a manageable task if you do it on a regular basis.  Once there is a rotation system in place, it can take an afternoon to switch out seasonal clothing, sports equipment, or entertaining pieces.  Image This photo (from Pinterest) demonstrates the potential end result of a clothing closet with summer weight handbags, shoes, pants, and tops easy to see and retrieve.

Don’t have a system?  Declare Order can help!  We can guide you through your own closet re-organize and help achieve colorful long-term solutions for your unique needs…Have a system, but have no time to implement it?  Declare Order can provide an extra set of hands to get you caught up on that too.  Contact Leslie at  DO it today 🙂

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