Do Your Kids Hate to “Clean Their Rooms?” Try This Fun Tip!

A young acquaintance of mine (age 10) is passionate about writing.  She is also loves to read – and organize!  When I asked her to share advice for other kids about organizing, her answer surprised me.  It turns out that tracking her progress helps her to stay motivated.

Her full response (written in her own words) is below.  There are so many articles about outdoor Fall Clean-up, she has cleverly titled hers, “(Inside) Fall Clean-up!”

(Inside) Fall Clean-up

This is about progress. What always helps me clean a messy room, is, I clean certain spots at a time. When I want to start a spot, I take a “Before” picture of the mess. And then, of course, I clean the spot. Once I am finished with that spot, I move on to another area, and take a picture of that mess. Once I am finished doing that with every spot, I take an “After” picture of each area. Then, I compare all of the pictures, and see how much I cleaned up.  

There you have it!  Great tips from the trenches – written by a kid!

1.  Taking photos of the different sections breaks the task into manageable chunks.

2. ‘Before” pictures always look terrible, so your kids can have a little LOL before they begin.

3.  Staging “After” pictures actually requires a little extra fine tuning, so the room will be even cleaner!

Please let us know what other organizing challenges your kids are having and we will collaborate on more advice.

Now, go clean YOUR room ;)Share this article!