Eat Simple

Simplify your weekly MENU ROUTINE!

Gathering for dinner is challenging in this age of quick and easy convenience options, demanding schedules, and food restrictions.  It requires planning and routine.  If mealtimes have become overwhelming and you don’t have time to re-invent the pasta wheel–  simplify.

Assign certain foods for certain nights!
Establish a weekly menu routine for one part of your nightly meal.  If this is new for your kids, have them assist with creating choices for the one food group.   Give everyone input and do what works for your family.  The key is to assign certain foods for certain nights of the week for as long it takes (or until you are bored and need a change!).  It works because it establishes a routine in the midst of what can be a chaotic time of day.  This example is built around the STARCH :
Sunday – pasta
Monday – potato
Tuesday – rice /couscous
Wednesday – tortilla
Thursday – bread
Friday – eat out
Saturday – eat out
Young children can cut pictures from magazines to represent the various options.  You can write the word below the picture to help teach reading!  Tweens can be responsible for preparing the starch, as able.  DO what works for you.  Great for working within the boundaries of a food allergy, or a simplified schedule used by a family member with special needs!
“Food should be a source of nourishment for children, not entitlement,
entertainment, or empowerment.” ~ Simplicity Parenting.

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