Reusable Containers

How do you store your reusable storage containers?  Our family has tried many methods – separate tops and bottoms, same sizes stacked inside each other, stored as sets, but the method that has endured for the past year (hooray!) is storing them with the lids attached.  Our kitchen has a waist-high lazy susan cupboard within the work area.  The top shelf holds lidded/matched storage containers.  The bottom shelf is the holding area for the lidless/matchless pieces as the need arises.   This method takes up extra space – an entire cupboard!  But we are heavy reusable container users, so it works for us!

This August, we started using the colorful lidded Easy Lunchboxes  Bento Boxes.  They are like one-stop shopping to support our heavy use of reusable containers.  Instead of taking lunch in three separate containers, the kids just take one!  The size encourages appropriate serving sizes, as well as cutting down on waste from chip bags.  These reusable containers are not kept with the others.  They get a place of honor in the “drawer that houses stuff for making lunches.”

Sample lunch
Bento Box

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    • That has a lot of little lids! How do you store them?

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