Get Organized and Be Productive Month Challenge

I wasn’t sure about bringing back the “Buy One Less Thing” challenge for Get Organized and Be Productive (GO) Month this January. People are at the store much less often due to pandemic precautions, so it is less relevant.

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On New Year’s Day, I watched The Minimalists new documentary on Netflix. In addition to their message of conscious consumerism, they propose a challenge of getting rid of items throughout the month that correspond to the day: One item on day 1, two items on day 2, etc…

I am hopped on board this challenge with my Facebook and TikTok followers, with one exception…my guidance is to front load the challenge and work it backwards! Getting rid of 496 items by the end of the month is possible, but you probably want to start now rather than have to slog over a bunch of donations at the end of January.

I started with few categories (books, clothing, boxes, office supplies) that I can take care of this week while I have some downtime. Rather than donate/discarding one item on day one and getting rid of 28 items by the end of the week, I started with 31, 30, 29,… and by the first week I will get rid of 196 items instead!

p.s. If letting go is difficult for you, then by all means, work the challenge forward so you can have some success – like doing one push-up and working up to 31. Or use the number to correspond with number of minutes spent decluttering! (1 minute on day 1, etc.)

Good Luck! And happy Get Organized and Be Productive Month!

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