Hanging Vegetables?

Our family tried a little container garden this year.   We envisioned herbs, tomatoes, and peppers.  Our deck gets direct sun much of the afternoon, so it seemed the perfect spot.

We researched which herbs might be of interest and decided to put them into deck rail planters.  We organized the planters of herbs in between planters of flowers – just in case they were not aesthetically pleasing.  The tomatoes were to go into a larger supported pots on the deck itself.

The results were typical for the midwest.  We have tomatoes growing like crazy, mint that quickly took over the sage, basil, and parsley and had to be transplanted, and lovely pepper plants.  The flowers are bright and lovely in reds and orange amid all the lush green leaves.  We have been enjoying using the fresh herbs for meals too!

Our unexpected favorite, though, is the cucumber plant.  I saw a photo somewhere that showed how to grow a cucumber from a hanging basket.  We decided to give it a try!  It has pretty little yellow flowers right now that compliment the rest of the plan.

Hanging Cucumber!

  Are you growing anything unexpectedly fun this summer?

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