Kitchen as Command Center

When organizing your kitchen, think beyond food and food prep. Kitchens today are used more like Command Centers for the home. This chart (from the book, Life at Home in the 21st Century) shows traffic patterns of a typical middle-class family.  Notice the high volume of red data points clustered in the kitchen!

Organizing for this much activity in one space can be challenging.  One problem is a lack of clear surface space as families members transition in and out throughout the day.  When organizing your kitchen and adjoining living spaces, be realistic about how the rooms are used.  Put frequently used items close to the main traffic patterns so they are easy to grab and easy to put away.  And keep counters as clear as possible, so they can be used for a variety of purposes!


It is important to see how seldom certain spaces are used.  Is there a different purpose a dining room or living room space could serve in your home?  For example, our dining room is rarely used, but is close enough to the kitchen to be helpful.  It contains a large armoire that previously housed china dishes, silver, and crystal.  Because we only used these items once or twice a year, they were moved to the storage room.  The armoire now serves a more efficient purpose as a home for frequently used supplies.  Behind the doors we have storage for gift wrap and ribbon, religious education materials, craft paper and glue, office supplies, and manuals.  It has been very helpful to have all these items in one place!

What room or furniture piece do you use for a different purpose in YOUR home?Share this article!


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