Leo Babauta.

Define, “zen.”  noun  School of  Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith; China Japan.

Meet Leo Babauta, the creator and writer of  He is married with six kids and lives in San Francisco…Read more…His post, “25 Ways to Simplify Your Life With Kids,” starts with self-sufficiency.

#19 reveals even the enlightened among us must get down on the floor and declutter from time to time…#19  “Make decluttering a family event. I like to set aside one day every few months when we go through all the stuff in our rooms and declutter. We do it together, and it can be a bonding time. We end up with trash bags full of junk, boxes full of stuff to donate or give to family, and in the end, much simpler rooms. It’s very satisfying.”  ~  Leo Babauta

Smile.  Declutter.  Enlighten.

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