My Mary Popppins Bag

Mary Poppins arranged her digs by opening her carpet bag and pulling out unexpectedly large items – likeImage a lamp, a plant, and a large mirror!  I feel a little bit like Mary when organizing a space!  In the name of effortless efficiency, I take cues from what my clients need, find patterns, and take inspiration from the environment.

My Mary Poppins Bag (otherwise known as my mobile office) is a 20″ Rollaway Tool Bag with 15″ Carry Bag that slips inside. The photo shows it with tools. I do carry a few tools, but also a myriad of organizing supplies, paperwork, hand lotion, camera, snacks – you name it!  The BIG bag doesn’t always need to roll on-site.  I prepare the supplies so I can just pop the little one out 🙂

So…what is inside my bag?  Well, each organizing job is a little bit different, but I have found it helps to have certain staples on hand.  Yes, the client may have these supplies, but the environment can be chaotic, especially if we have started emptying out closets and the like.  I prefer to keep the little bag in the room with me, so I can pull what I need without breaking the flow.

Keeping in mind that each job is anywhere from 2-6 hours, here is what is in my Mary Poppins Bag/s as I head out the door today:

TOOLS – Inside pouches on one side:   3 Screwdrivers (mini, phillips, and flat head) , tape measure, 4 furniture movers/sliders, scissors, and box cutter.

WRITING – Inside pouches on one side:  Pencils, pens (Pilot Precise V7 fine point, black – because I am left-handed and picky like that), black sharpies (regular and SUPER), red sharpie, and a yellow highlighter.

LABELING – Tape (large packing and lil scotch tape), white index cards, colored post-its, and Brother P-Touch Labelmaker (for when things get serious!).

BARRIERS – Gloves (cloth and latex) and face mask (being professional means being prepared for anything).

PERSONAL – Snack bar or almonds, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, house shoes, and cell phone.

PAPERWORK – Portable project case with files, inspiration pages, calculator, and invoices.

OTHER – Large plastic bags, camera, packing tape dispenser, lunch bag (as needed).

There you have it.  Rolling out the door and ready for anything.  Thanks for asking!Share this article!


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