Need a Hand? Enlist a Helper – and a little Bon Jovi!

Who’s in?

Are you having a difficult time getting control of your living space?  Is there someone you can call to come and help?  Whether you contact a family member, motivated friend, or hire a professional, one way to get control of your space is to ask for assistance!

Living with piles and disorganization can cause stress to mount.  Clients describe feeling miserable just looking at the mess, yet feel unable to attack it.  If going it alone isn’t proving to be successful, it can be helpful to bring in a helping hand to get you started.  Once the momentum gets going, it is easier to reach your long-term goal.

3 Helpful Tips for Working Together

Start with a molehill

1.  Start Small – Your well-meaning sister-in-law or friend may have the motivation to tackle an entire room, but it is important to be realistic.  Once you begin sorting and making decisions, new piles and new decisions will arise.  During these work sessions, plan to move a molehill – not the entire mountain!


2.  Room for Indecision – Making decisions can be exhausting!  Unfortunately, having a helper can cause friction because he/she may not understand why you cannot decide on a particular item.  Designating a place for items you are not sure about gives you time you need to think about where they belong.  This place is not necessarily a “Keep” Korner, it is an “I Don’t Know (IDK) yet” spot.  Declare a corner, big box, or part of a closet for IDK and place items there for the time being.  Drop them in and keep the momentum going!


3.  Bon Jovi – I recently helped a woman clear through daunting piles of clothing.  She cranked-up 80’s music while we worked.  I did not mention it, but I know it kept our energy up!

What can you do to make the work environment more fun?

Some clients love to talk.  If it doesn’t slow you down, talking is a great way to forget about some of the mundane sorting and get the job done!  If you need a clear head for decisions and music and talking aren’t appropriate, think of other ways to lighten-up the mood:  Set a timer and take a snack breaks, use colorful post-its and markers to label the piles, or plan to have your helper take the donations at the end of the session so they aren’t lurking in the corner for weeks!

…Or just pretend Jon is watching 🙂

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