Pencil Giving Needs

I recently saw an add directed at teachers addressing their, “Pencil Giving Needs.”  The purpose was to encourage bulk purchases of pencils to gift when students have birthdays.  It reminded me of the Birthday Box I had in the classroom when I was a teacher.  It held: crown-making materials, a sizable “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” badge, and a colorful array of – pencils!  When one of my students had a birthday, the anticipation of access to this all-important box, and subsequent pencil selection, was cause for celebration.

These days, pencils are for homework and writing on the wall calendar.  I DO, however, keep a Birthday Box in a back cupboard of the kitchen.  It is a convenient way to organize random birthday supplies!  At the present time, it contains: 2 polyester birthday headband crowns, a slightly-loved HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner, a half-full package of blue balloons, new and slightly-loved birthday candles, leftover plastic leis – several colors, orange plastic plates, and half a roll of yellow crepe paper.

You say your sister’s on her way and it was her birthday last week?  Don’t run to a convenience store.  Take a minute to stick candles in a brick of cheese, throw on a plastic lei, break out the crowns, and festive up the place!   You can if you gather together supplies and store them in a convenient place.  What birthday supplies do you keep on hand?  You might be surprised!Share this article!