Playing Nicely With Others

With the first half of MY PERSONAL COMMANDMENTS in order (Breathe outside, Food is fuel, Sleep, Engage in physical contact, Monitor health, and Keep clothing simple) , I turned my attention outward.  What principles guided my behavior toward others and the world around me?  What were my underlying rules?  Gretchen (author of The Happiness Project) chose “Be polite and be fair.” to perch among her top twelve.  That sounded pleasantly civilized.

My dear children tease me about the recurring phrase written into my Parent’s Prayer for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, “Let us stand…and hold this moment.”  That needed to make it into the commandments.  And my mantra, “Float above it,” for when drama comes a-calling.  I would also include my business name, “Declare Order,” or the acronym, “DO.”

Further contemplation added my challenge of overcoming inertia to the list (Put One Foot in Front of the Other), as well as helping those whose abilities fall outside the Normal Distribution, or Bell Curve (Give a Voice).  The results are listed in #’s 7-12 below.  (As I have not attempted much in the way of research, any similarities to other such personal declarations, other than Gretchen’s, are purely coincidental.)


1.  Breathe Outside

2.  Food is Fuel

3.  Sleep

4.  Engage in Physical Contact

5.  Monitor Health

6.  Keep Clothing Simple

7.  Put One Foot in Front of the Other

8.  Float Above It

9.  Declare Order

10. Be Just

11. Give a Voice

12. Hold the Moment

I wonder if the list will change as my book club’s own Happiness Project gets underway in January?  My next personal challenge is to answer the questions in Gretchen’s “First Splendid Truth” and, perhaps, write my own.   What guidelines do you have for YOUR behavior?Share this article!


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