Psychology 101

Are your family’s stacks off balance?  Try getting back to basics!  Make time for your fundamental physical needs...When Abraham Maslow created his Hierarchy of Needs pyramid, I imagine he thought of the bottom row as kind of a throw-away – food, water, sleep, poop, sex – no brainers, right?

Though our Land of Opportunity runs 24/7,  it can be challenging to meet our fundamental physical needs!  For example, Does “food” purchased with a debit card from behind the wheel of a mini-van have much nutritional value?  Does a 20oz bottle of soda hydrate?  Is sleep in a car seat or on a sectional sofa with the DVD player blasting properly restorative?  And make sure you “make time” for sex.  Make time?  sheesh.

When families are stressed, I might suggest we tackle their time management stacks “Pyramid Style.”  We take a Psychology 101 lesson from the chapter on Humanistic Psychology and prioritize that bottom red row.  Make old Maslow proud.  Schedules can get overloaded when we inadvertently prioritize soccer practices, our electronic media, Target runs and the like – but neglecting fundamental physical needs adds stress from the inside out.  I tend to neglect my water needs and can go an entire day without drinking it.  I drink other things, Coke, coffee, milk, and juice, but have to remind myself that water is really more important!…What need do you need to attend to?Share this article!


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