Quickfire Challenge

Creating dinner in a flash can be stressful.  On those nights when speed is a necessity, insert a little levity into the process.  Or just DO it for fun!

Quickfire Dinner

Bravo’s hit reality competition show, “Top Chef” has a segment entitled, “Quickfire.”  Contestants are challenged to prepare a dish and serve it up to be judged in a short amount of time.  In the past, some of the Quickfires have required contestants to “create a sushi dish,” “create an original ice cream flavor,” and “create a two-egg breakfast dish in 10 minutes, using only one hand.”

Have fun fixing dinner courtesy of the Top Chef folks at BRAVO and their “Quickfire” idea!  Create a family challenge, or make it up as you go along.  Amazing what you can get accomplished when the clock is ticking.  Work as fast as you can and enjoy the ride!  Your time starts…now!Share this article!


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