Second-Hand Cheer

Who made it onto your To Do list for those little extra gifts this holiday? You know, those special people in your world you appreciate year round but would like to take the time to acknowledge this season.  If your list is anything like mine, you will find:

–  Classroom teachers (and school support staff members),

–  Neighborly neighbors,

–  Assisted Living Staff members, and more!

It can be challenging to stick to a budget and personalize the gift for each person.  Additionally, we all feel more pressure these days to be mindful of the environment by spending less on random items that may end up in the trash before the year is through.

So how can you – Save money, Save time, and Save the environment?  Try a little Second-Hand Cheer!

Instead of Target or the mall, start your shopping at a local second-hand store.  Perhaps there is a Savers near you?  Or a Goodwill? There are several consignment and resale shops in our area (Home Again Resale, Treasure House, and Second Hand Rose).

All you need to look for are clear lidded containers.  Glass is best, but plastic will do.  As long as the container has a lid, it will work!

The next step is to personalize these reusable containers with sweet treats!  If it is a gift for your kiddo’s teacher, enlist your child’s help.  Find out what kind of treat the teacher might enjoy.  Candy is quick to track down and easy to personalize – from bit-size snickers, to skittles, to wrapped starlight mints – even organic dark chocolate.  One trip to the candy isle (I don’t think I need to tell you where to find one of those!) and you can knock-off your list in a jiffy!

Now you are ready to fill!  Match the container (they will not all be identical) to the candy that best fits into it without being compromised.  If one of the containers is less than pristine inside, save it for pre-wrapped candy and add a layer of tissue or plastic wrap as a buffer.  The personality of the container + the color of the candy even substitutes for wrapping paper!  All you need is a label and the gift is personalized and ready to give.

There you have it!  Easy and festive second-hand cheer.  Sweet!

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2 comments on “Second-Hand Cheer

  1. Homemade treats would also go over well! Yum!

  2. Yes they would! Fill with anything the recipient would appreciate 🙂

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