Sorting Incoming Mail

Dread attacking your mail piles?

What if there was never a “pile” in the first place?

Try sorting the mail BEFORE bringing it into your living space!  Stop next to your recycle bin and look through the mail in your hand.  What do you see?  Even though items have your address, consider if they are relevant or wanted.  It is ok to refuse entry to them 🙂

Concerned about dropping personal information into the trash/recycling bin?  One way to streamline the process is to rip through that personal information on the spot.  Save the shredder for full page items like statements with account numbers and financial information.  If you have only one day’s worth of mail, you may only be ripping thru a few pieces – or even none at all!

After dropping unwanted items into a recycle bin, enter your space and see how much mail you can sort immediately…Make it a habit – like brushing your teeth!  It is a daily occurrence after all!

Without placing the mail in a general inbox, or adding to a pile on the counter, consider where it belongs.  One possible scenario is to:

1.) Place magazines/catalogs together in a designated location.  (This spot should be within a few feet of your entry so you do not have to change direction!)

2.) Drop bills into a designated holding area to be processed. (Again, this spot should be within your path – not up a flight of stairs in the back bedroom home office.  You can take it there later.)

3.)  The same goes for invitations, coupons, and newsletters etc.  (Sort them by family member, thumbtack them to a bulletin board – whatever you can do quickly.)

Once the quick work of sorting is finished, you know where to find what you need.  The piles will not accumulate.  And you will feel more in control of the mail.



Consider unsubscribing to junk mail or going paperless.  It helps to reduce the amount of incoming pieces!  Every little bit helps 🙂

What category of mail slows you down?  What could you do to change it?

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