Taking on “The Happiness Project”

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December 1st, 2011.  Time for new project!  My book club has decided to add discussions of The Happiness Project by, Gretchen Rubin, to our monthly meetings.  The book, organized in monthly chapters, chronicles one woman’s journey to define happiness for herself.  In Rubin’s words, the book “is an account of the year I spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific research, and the tips from popular culture about how to be happier.”

After flipping through the book, I wondered how I could justify taking the time to learn and apply Gretchen’s ideas.  And was it reeeally necessary?  I was feeling  “glass 3/4-full” of late.  Would anyone in our group even plow through the entire year?  Or would enthusiasm wane?  As a certified teacher, I wondered about the contents of the start-up kit (free, btw!).  And whether I would feel inspired to volunteer with a larger group – say at the school, or local library?  Would ideas emerge I could apply with my organizing clients?

Curiosity piqued, I broadened my inquiries and…1.) Registered our little group on the website and took the quickie survey.,  2.) Followed “The Happiness Project” on selected social media sites., and 3.) E-mailed the author for a start-up kit.  After perusing about three chapters, I prepared to study January’s, “Boost Energy,” in more detail.  But, it’s only December.  Maybe it would be better to ease into this happiness analysis.   I’ll focus on projecting happy thoughts through the “Getting Started” section.  There are Twelve Commandments on page ten.  Sounds serious.

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  1. Our book club is reading this as well. I’m enjoying it.

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