Thank You for Letting Me in the Door

Taking a moment for a thank you…

As I pause to reflect about my business, Declare Order Professional Organizing, a single thought comes to mind, “I am grateful people are still letting me in the door.”

My clients/potential clients are in a pretty vulnerable position. If their oven stops igniting, they don’t blame themselves. If the waterline to their refrigerator springs a leak, they do not blame themselves. When these things happen, they stop using the appliance and call someone to fix it – or google it if they are handy like that. (Both of these things happened to me last week, actually.)

Decluttering is different.

Decluttering involves a lot of coulda, shoulda, wouldas.

I could have gone through the mail in a timely manner, but now it is scattered all over and I cannot find the envelope with that check in it. I should have done a load of laundry last night so I would have decent underwear to wear. I would have brought a sack lunch today, but I was up in the night again and overslept.

To hire someone to help with what a client perceives as coulda, shoulda, wouldas, can be awkward. Productivity and organizing consultants are invited into the mess to determine how stuff is “out of order,” but the client is probably thinking it is because of their own shortcomings.  It takes courage to make that call.


I am grateful they let me in the door.

With some clients, once we finish our initial consultation, they are visibly relieved. We have not touched anything, but they are feeling a burden lifted just by the intention to make a change. They are anticipating the first direct service appointment and looking forward to jumping in.

It is my job to help clients trust that “we got this!” But I cannot do it if they do not let me in the door.

So, thanks.


~ Leslie

Leslie Gail, M.Ed., Owner, Declare Order Professional Organizing



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