The Twelve Commandments

     Groundwork for my personal exploration of Gretchen Rubin’s, The Happiness Project, continues…

Today, I am faced with the task of identifying my PERSONAL COMMANDMENTS.  Gretchen created a list of twelve commandments to guide her behavior throughout project happiness and beyond (please refer to The Happiness Project Toolbox for more information).  Her first commandment, “Be Gretchen,” is not one I will be using – although, she is doing fairly well for herself and I may want to reconsider 😉

What are the principles that guide my behavior?  Hmmm…After a fair amount of mulling, I have determined 12 Commandments of my own.  Articulating these principles in the form of commandments will produce pride for those I generally adhere to, as well motivation to improve those I don’t.

This first half of the list acknowledges my physiological needs (that’s my B.S. in Psychology talkin’ folks).  I am first and foremost a living thing.  Gotta protect the vessel.


1.  Breathe outside.  Every day.  Even in the winter.  And not just for 32 seconds from the mini-van to automatic Big Box Store doors.

2.  Food is fuel.  Mac-n-cheese = the tank is empty.

3.  Sleep.  It does the body good.

4.  Engage in physical contact.  Snuggles from other humans. Preferably not strangers.

5.  Monitor health.  Homeostasis people.  Psychology BS again 🙂

6.  Keep clothing simple.  I rotate monthly.  Twelve items or so.  Not including work-out wear and accessories.

My first six commandments are declared!  Tomorrow, Commandments 7-12, “Playing Nicely With Others”…But first, a word from Calvin:

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