Too Much Holiday

Folks start getting frantic this time of year. There is too much to do and too much time to do it. Wait…too much time? Yes. Too much.

I was contacted by a client who wanted to book more direct service hours to make space to set-up her Christmas tree in the front room the weekend after Thanksgiving. She had started by purchasing more storage, then realized what she needed was more time with me, her professional organizer! I was glad to hear from her and coordinated hours with myself and a professional colleague to meet her needs.

Could I have completed the job myself? Sure – if I had worked more direct service hours and shuffled a few things. But I had already carved out holiday time for myself and my extended family, so I brought in a colleague to assist.

What I have learned over the past few years, and try to pass along to my clients, is that we are now responsible for putting our own boundaries on the holidays.

In my experience, people are putting off today what the stores are open until midnight for tomorrow!

They contemplate, complain, delay, then scurry about coordinating festive holiday décor, scheduling holiday events and parties, browsing for “just right” gifts, preparing Pinterest-perfect h’ordeuvres, and selecting a sensational, sequined burgundy cocktail outfit. It seems there is no excuse not to. For any of it! The stores open early and remain open until midnight. They can order on-line in the middle of the night and get free shipping! They can find cool events and RSVP, “Going,” to an event with one click. They can earn points!

Inspiration and temptation are everywhere. All. The. Time. So where does it end?

People are losing awareness of the work of the simple things – like what is involved in setting up a Christmas tree, because they are filling time and space faster than they can manage it.

My client had ordered a shelving unit, but was unable to complete the work of sorting and organizing her belongings and then assembling it. The on-line shopping allowed her to put off the work, and her overwhelm and high expectations overtook her in the end. There was no way she could complete everything in time to make space for a Christmas tree over the Thanksgiving holiday without assistance.

I enjoyed a full week off from direct service appointments to kick-off the Holiday Season. It will not come as a surprise to anyone that I did not leave the house after dessert on Thanksgiving to go shopping. Nor did I buy anything on Black Friday. In fact, I pretty much did nothing on Friday except eat leftovers, hang out with family, and relax!

There is such a thing as “too much holiday.”

Make sure you make time to enjoy yours!
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