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Welcome to Declare Order Professional Organizing

Redefining Spaces, Reclaiming Lives

Hi, I’m Leslie, your Brain-Based Conditions Specialist and Hoarding Consultant. At Declare Order, I go beyond traditional organizing. I specialize in creating sustainable, compassionate solutions for hoarding situations and assisting individuals with brain-based conditions that lead to chronic disorganization.

Understanding, Not Just Organizing

My approach is rooted in empathy and expertise. I understand that each situation is unique and requires more than just a clean-out. Sustainable solutions are about understanding, support, and tailored strategies.

How the Declare Order Solutions Model Transforms Lives:

  1. Strength-Based Focus: Identify and build upon your inherent strengths and resources, shifting the focus from problems to potential.
  2. Empowerment and Proactivity: Feel encouraged and equipped to address organizational challenges with a positive, proactive approach.
  3. Progress Monitoring and Celebration: Witnessing tangible progress is vital. We celebrate each step forward, acknowledging the journey towards a more organized, functional living space.
  4. Specialized in Brain-Based Conditions: My expertise in working with brain-based conditions means I offer more than organizing — I provide understanding, strategies, and advocacy to reduce stigma and work toward positive change.
  5. Holistic Benefits: Witness improvements in physical, mental, and social health, fostering a stronger connection to your family and community.

What I Do (And What I Don’t):

Hoarding Consultancy: Guidance and strategies for families and individuals dealing with hoarding.

Family Navigation: Helping families understand and navigate their options in dealing with complex organizing challenges.

Awareness and Advocacy: Raising awareness about hoarding and brain-based conditions, advocating for compassionate solutions.

Clean-Outs: I focus on long-term solutions and support, not one-time clean-outs.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Every journey begins with a single step. If you or a loved one is struggling with hoarding or the challenges of a brain-based condition, let’s talk. Together, we can embark on a path to a more organized, peaceful, and fulfilling living environment.

Leslie is Waiting To Help You

Brain-Based Condition Support: Tailored Organizing Strategies

Embrace Your Unique Mind: Let’s create a living space that supports and complements the way your brain works. I offer compassionate and customized organizing solutions that recognize and adapt to your specific needs. Whether it’s ADHD, Autism Spectrum, or other neurological differences, our approach is about more than just organizing—it is about creating an environment that aligns with your cognitive style and enhances daily functioning.

Presentations: Educating Communities

Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Understanding: As an integral part of my mission to raise awareness and provide support, I offer engaging and informative presentations that focus on the complexities of hoarding and the challenges of living with brain-based conditions. These presentations are designed not just for individuals directly affected but also for families, supporters, and professionals seeking a deeper understanding of these issues

Hoarding Consultant: Compassionate Guidance and Expert Solutions

Understanding and Managing Hoarding Challenges: As a seasoned Hoarding Consultant with over ten years of hands-on experience, I, Leslie, bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of hoarding behaviors. My approach is grounded in compassion, expertise, and a commitment to reducing stigma around hoarding. Having completed a dissertation research study on community responses to hoarding for my PhD, I am well-equipped to provide expert guidance and personalized recommendations for each unique situation.

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 COVID UPDATE EFFECTIVE March 2023: Leslie is fully vaccinated and boosted (3x) and wears a KN95mask in client homes upon request.

What Leslie’s Clients Say

Some kind words from her respected clients


I really appreciate everything we discussed yesterday. I gave the full run down to my husband, and we’re already very excited about some of the ideas. Looking forward to next time.

KB Virtual Organizing Consultation


Very necessary to my ability to progress. I’m so grateful! Leslie is very good at helping me decide what needs to go and what to keep … invaluable … thank you! Always a thumbs up and always appreciate Leslie’s input on planning and facilitating what needs or can be done.



I enjoyed working with you. I especially appreciate your kindness and patience at a rough time. I am glad I didn’t wait but I was not at my best and you really made it ok.


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