You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.

~ Georgia O’Keeffe

 COVID UPDATE EFFECTIVE September 2022: Leslie is fully vaccinated and boosted (3x!) and wears a KN95mask in client homes.

Declare Order Leslie Hatch Gail

Welcome to Declare Order Professional Organizing! My name is Leslie Hatch Gail, and I’ve been helping people declutter and streamline their living spaces since 2010. As a former Early Childhood Special Education Teacher turned Community Psychologist, I specialize in working with individuals living with brain-based conditions that result in chronic disorganization. I identify and focus on strengths and resources rather than just problems or deficits. This helps my clients feel empowered to take a proactive and positive approach to tackling organization challenges and promotes greater autonomy in their lives.

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Residential Organizing

Stop “making do!” Leslie can help you get back on track by focusing on your strengths and making room for the life you desire.

Virtual Coaching

Same guidance and support even if we aren’t in the same location! Useful for clients who have busy schedules, want new insights, or those on a tight budget.

Hoarding Specialist

Reduce stigma and clarify definitions of success. Receive recommendations for an appropriate course of action for your unique situation.

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What Leslie’s Clients Say

Some kind words from her respected clients


I really appreciate everything we discussed yesterday. I gave the full run down to my husband, and we’re already very excited about some of the ideas. Looking forward to next time.

KB Virtual Organizing Consultation


Very necessary to my ability to progress. I’m so grateful! Leslie is very good at helping me decide what needs to go and what to keep … invaluable … thank you! Always a thumbs up and always appreciate Leslie’s input on planning and facilitating what needs or can be done.



I enjoyed working with you. I especially appreciate your kindness and patience at a rough time. I am glad I didn’t wait but I was not at my best and you really made it ok.


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