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As a Developmental Therapist for Early Intervention of Illinois, Leslie designed learning environments and activities to promote acquisition of skills in a variety of developmental areas for toddlers experiencing developmental delay. She provided services directly in the homes of her clients.

Over time, Leslie felt drawn to look beyond skill development – to the overall picture of how families were functioning (or not functioning) in their living spaces.

At the same time in the Spring of 2010, A&E and TLC were airing new shows about people who hoard. Their challenges interested Leslie and she wanted to learn more about the teams of professional organizers who were offering guidance and direct service to these struggling families.

Leslie’s research led her to the president of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) Professionals Chicago chapter. She joined the chapter and worked with other organizers to learn the industry. She took an active role from the beginning and served on the Board of Directors at NAPO Chicago for five years!

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