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Home Organizing

Is clutter in your home causing you stress? Leslie will help determine how your spaces are out of order and collaborate with you to determine solutions for your unique needs. Organize your closets and get your wardrobe back in order! Organize your kitchen for healthier eating or less food waste. Learn ways to improve your current storage solutions.

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Home Office Organizing

The pandemic has changed the definition of work from home. Is your home office space reducing your productivity? Stop “making do” and work with Leslie to determine more permanent solutions. Leslie can help you get back on track whether it is a mobile workstation, converted spare bedroom, or shared space with another family member. Struggling with paper? Leslie will help you implement a four-step process for incoming paper to get you back in control.

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Organizing Kids

Leslie loves to Declare Order for kids! Together you can organize home environments to promote acquisition of skills in a variety of developmental areas for your pre-school and elementary-school aged children and receive recommendations for colorful solutions that meet your needs. Great for families raising children identified as neurodivergent.

  • Restore order in bedrooms, play spaces, and homework zones.
  • Organizes environments to support Individualized Education Plans.
  • Develop simple systems for daily routines.
  • Create kitchen space that encourages independence.
  • Make more room for play!

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Hoarding Consultant

Reduce stigma and clarify definitions of success. Receive recommendations for an appropriate course of action for your unique situation. Great for family members and supporters responsible for loved ones living with hoarding challenges.

Leslie is sensitive to and acknowledges the needs of Adult Children of Hoarding Parents who grew up in hoarded environments and can connect you with resources and support.

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Brain-Based Conditions: ADHD, Autism, Dementia, Hoarding, and more…

Overwhelmed by your stuff? Leslie helps you “unpack” it all with creative solutions!

Learn to assess your current situation by:

  • developing fresh strategies,
  • considering readiness for change,
  • celebrating success, and
  • monitoring progress

rather than relying solely on sorting and organizing or other techniques.

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Virtual Coaching

Identify problems and solutions! Receive recommendations during recurrent one-hour sessions via zoom or over the phone.

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Leslie’s Residential Solutions

By embracing your unique skills, talents, and perspectives, you can create an organized home that truly reflects who you are and what is important to you!

Leslie adapts to your pace and guides you through the three phases of organizing:

Phase 1 – Sort and Organize
Phase 2 – Set up Systems
Phase 3 – Containerize and Style

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong or what you don’t have, she encourages you to look at your home as a place of strength and value. She coaches you to welcome the diversity of thought, culture, and traits that you bring to the table and use them to create a home that reflects who you are.

Leslie removes up to one carload of donations free of charge at the conclusion of each appointment. Schedule a follow-up maintenance appointment to keep things on track.


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Residential Organizing: Direct service, in-person session hours with Leslie | $90 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Virtual Coaching: Zoom or phone session hours with Leslie | $120 per hour

Hoarding Consultant: In-person, Zoom, or phone consultation hours with Leslie | $120 per hour

Travel Fee: $45 for travel over one hour each way