• “Coaching Model for Clutter” Midwest OCD Foundation and Chicagoland Hoarding Task Force Learning Expo (April 2023)
  • “Tapping into Strengths: Asset-based thinking” The Writing Journey (April 2023)
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Bedford Park Library (March 2023)
  • “Stop Wasting Money Storing Stuff: Declutter Like a Pro,” Woodridge Public Library (January 2023)
  • Panel discussion: “Ask the Experts: Curated Closets for Organizers and their Clients,” NAPO Chicago meeting (January 2023)
  • “Procrastination,” The Writing Journey (virtual)
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Glenside Library
  • “Working Smart Together: Helping clients living with various brain-based conditions,” NAPO Chicago meeting (virtual)
  • “Organizing and Keeping Things on Track,” The Writing Journey
  • My Great Day Badge, Local Girl Scout Troop
  • “Organizing Tips and Tricks,” Larysa Domino, Baird & Warner
  • IncubatorEdu mentor for 5th grade students, CUSD200
  • Panel discussion – Chronic Disorganization, NAPO Chicago meeting
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Waubonsee Community College
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Bartlett Public Library
  • “Organizing Your Collections,” Brookfield Public Library
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Bartlett Public Library
  • “Declutter Your Home,” Bloomingdale Public Library
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Carillon at Stonegate
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Waubonsee Community College
  • “Declutter Like a Pro,” Nichols Library, Naperville
  • “Declutter Spaces in Your Home,” Weight Watchers – Thankful Me Event

Upcoming: Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)’s annual conference

September, 2023

Grow Your Mindset with ICD


From Deficit to Capacity: An Asset-Based Approach to Challenging Disorganization

9th International Conference of Community Psychology (ICCP)

September 21-24, 2022 Naples Italy

Sensing Discussant for Experiential View

Workshop ID 137 1: Community resilience in times of global crises: Pre-Conference Workshop


The COVID-19 pandemic has been and still is a historical crisis for humankind that affects our entire
planet. Crises such as global climate change, war and militarism, but also industrial agriculture,
racism, social-economic injustice, and gender violence also require attention. While these issues may
not seem connected, they are all human made and have global impact. They are likewise an
opportunity to transform our thinking.

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professional (NAPO)’s annual conference

April, 2022

Educate. Elevate. Celebrate!

GENERAL SESSION: Mind & Behavior


Shift Your Mindset: Tapping into Client Strengths

Shift your mindset for more effective results! Valuing what your clients bring to the table is a game changer. “Shift Your Mindset: Tapping Into Client Strengths,” teaches you to focus on strengths during client assessments and appointments and how to apply it for the long term. Your clients will be more comfortable working towards their organizing and productivity goals, leaving them in a better place. Even if clients hire us to “fix” what is wrong, we do not have to approach the work from a deficit-based mindset. We can guide our clients to tap into their gifts from within.

Illinois Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (ILAFCS) Annual Conference

Keynote Presentation

March, 2022


The organizing industry is big business. According to businesswire.com, U.S. demand for home organization products is expected to reach 12.7 billion in 2023. Fabric-lined bins and bamboo drawer separators can wait. More important is the actual work of sorting, organizing, and setting up systems. In this session, Leslie challenges the notion that being organized equals being “Instagram-worthy” and shares her process for setting up client spaces. This special session features highlights from an individual consultation with one lucky conference attendee.


KC Davis talks to Leslie Hatch Gail, PhD about hoarding



Have you tried TikTok? On episode 75 of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professional (NAPO)’s Stand Out podcast, Leslie enjoyed speaking with host Clare Kumar, ACC CEC HSP, about her experience on the platform and sharing how it can boost your business.

In this episode, we dive into Leslie’s very first viral post, the types of videos that she posts, life lessons she has learned through TikTok, the importance of having a thick skin when creating public content, and how she plans to utilize her TikTok status in the future.

https://napopodcast.com/podcasts/how-tiktok-can-boost-your-business-with-m-ed-owner-of-declare-order-professional-organizing-leslie-hatch-gail/NAPO Stand Out Episode 75 How TikTok Can Boost Your Business

SOS Show

Rebirth and Community Psychology

The SOS Show with James Lott Jr.


SOS Show 

Finding the Balance, Being Introverted and Working Shorter Periods

The SOS Show with James Lott Jr.


What do People Hate Target’s Newest Remodel?


24 Pantry Organization Products to Transform Your Snack Stash



2022 Service to NAPO Award

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)

The service to NAPO award is bestowed upon a NAPO Volunteer, or group of volunteers, whose dedication and commitment to NAPO and their area of responsibility goes above and beyond. The award recipient(s) is selected by the President of NAPO is is presented at the annual conference.

Leslie is interviewed on the NAPO Blog: https://www.napogetorganized.com

Exclusive for AARP members

AARP Smart Guide: Declutter Your Home


ABC’s of Organizing a Healthy School Year Eating Plan

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Blog


Your Storage Bins Might be Stealing Space from You



Four Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen – and Your Life



How to Store Spices in Your Kitchen Correctly



Stop Wasting Money Storing Stuff Plus Expert Tips for Decluttering Your Home



Moving Soon? Time to Declutter



The 6 Most Useless Holiday Gifts to Avoid



7 Habits for Living a More Organized Life



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