Meet Leslie

You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare. ~ O’Keefe

Leslie Hatch Gail, M.Ed., owner of Declare Order Professional Organizing, uses sensitivity, patience, and a dose of wit and whimsy to help families reduce stress and take back control!

One of Leslie’s favorite things about organizing spaces is the instant relief order can bring. What makes her the proudest is helping families uncover solutions that work for their unique needs. On a personal level, she enjoys the health benefits provided by the physical nature of the job. Organizing literally makes her heart happy – from the inside out!

As a professional organizer and certified teacher, Leslie holds her clients accountable for neglected organizing tasks and works with them to determine priorities for daily living areas. With their assistance and approval, she develops and implements systems to store and retrieve items that meet their needs for a safe, organized home.

But my needs are complicated!…Leslie has professional experience adapting organizing systems for unique needs and provides ongoing maintenance and support. She recognizes life gets messy and it can be overwhelming to restore order without professional accountability and assistance.

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals
Leslie joined the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), as well as their Chicago Chapter in December of 2010. She took advantage of local volunteer opportunities to connect with like-minded colleagues and learn the industry. What started as micro-volunteer positions on social media for NAPO Chicago, has evolved into creating curriculum for NAPO National’s education courses, booking guests for NAPO National’s StandOut Podcast, and stepping into the role of NAPO Marketing Chair. 

Are you a fan of “those hoarding shows” on tv? Leslie had the privilege of working with fellow NAPO Chicago organizers on an episode of A&E’s, Hoarders, “Beverly/Megan,” and two episodes of TLC’s, Hoarding: Buried Alive. She shared lunch on set with Geralin Thomas in a backyard storage shed and learned how to wear a hazmat suit!

Leslie loves room makeovers and helping families faced with unique challenges. One amazing non-profit she has volunteered for is Special Spaces Chicagoland.  They are a unique organization that specializes in creating dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening medical illnesses. Please visit Special Spaces Chicagoland’s website to learn more.



The goal of is to connect people with the best local experts. They score businesses across the following five categories: Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, and Professionalism. Over the past three years, they have looked at nearly 600 organizers serving the Chicago area and picked the top 8. Declare Order Professional Organizing has been in the top 8 for three years in a row!

Aspiring Author and Scholar

So, what does Leslie do in her free time? She reads, writes, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Community Psychology at National Louis University in Chicago. For the past two years, Leslie has participated in National Write a Novel Month (NANOWRIMO) and as a result has two books in revision. One is a non-fiction account of her life as a professional organizer with the working title, “Tales From the Middle of the Mess.” The latest is a Young Adult Fiction novel told from the point of view of a fourth grade girl who is starting to understand her house is a mess because her mother is living with hoarding disorder.

  • Because everyone always asks, Community Psychology is a branch of psychology that looks at how individuals interact with their environment and how society affects individual and community functioning. It is the study of individuals in context that seeks to improve quality of life. The seven core values of community psychology are: Individual Wellness, Sense of Community, Social Justice, Citizen Participation, Collaboration and Community Strengths, Respect for Human Diversity, and Empirical Grounding.