It’s simple. Leslie loves to Declare Order for kids! She:

  • Restores order in bedrooms, play spaces, and homework zones.
  • Organizes environments to support Individualized Education Plans.
  • Develops simple systems for daily routines.
  • Creates kitchen space that encourages independence.
  • Makes more room for play!

Inquire about discounted rates for families raising children with special needs.


Professional Experience

Leslie, a certified teacher, takes into account how kiddos of all ages and ability levels interact with their environment. She has direct professional experience as an Early Childhood Special Education Classroom Teacher, Before and After School Program Director, Developmental Therapist for Early Intervention, and mom to her two college-aged children.


Food Allergies in Order
Organizing for special diets or food allergies? Leslie has first-hand experience keeping kitchens and pantries safe. She organized the family kitchen around her daughter’s multiple food allergies. Pro Tip? Purchase kitchen utensils, cutting boards, and pans in a designated color for exclusive use with allergen-free foods.