"Leslie of Declare Order is very necessary to my ability to progress. I'm so grateful! Leslie is very good at helping me decide what needs to go and what to keep ... invaluable ... thank you! Always a thumbs up and always appreciate Leslie's input on planning and facilitating what needs or can be done.

"Leslie, what can I say, but you are a rockstar! Thank you so much - I don't know what we would have done without your services. :)"

"Leslie of Declare Order has come to my rescue for two different moves. Both moves I became stuck when I got to organizing the kitchen. She quickly assessed the situation, explained options and presented possible solutions/plans that would work based on goals, timing and budget. Leslie has excellent instincts and experience for learning styles and personalities and quickly picks up on what will work best. It’s amazing to see her in action, effortlessly taking the chaos and making it all come together in the space. She’s not at all pushy but stays on task, and kept me on task. I recommend her highly for any organizing need you have, big or small.

Thanks, Leslie!!"

~B. Prescott

"Wonderful help with organization - patient, knows just where to help."

"Leslie is leverage!"

"Very friendly, on time and flexible. Came with some supplies to offer if needed, had great ideas for how to get the job done."

"A never-ending battle of strength, the Atkinson family faces each day with challenges regarding Kendall’s care. Hooked to IVs nightly, her bedroom always resembled a hospital room. It was imperative for the Special Spaces team that the “medical part” of her room be kept as separate as possible.

"Thanks to a volunteer from Declare Order, a professional organizing company, all the medical equipment and needs are placed in the “captain’s quarters” a closet of wall-to-wall necessities, but one with a door that can close and close out the constant reminder of being ill."

~Special Spaces Chicagoland

"Thank you so much for your organizational help...it is so nice to come home to a more structured and clutter free environment. We have managed to make it even cleaner with your guidance. Thanks again!"

"We've had two showings but got an offer Monday night. We're working through negotiations now but it looks promising!! Cash buyer!! Thanks again for your help!!!"

"Leslie transformed the room for us!"
~A.S., Director of Education

"I enjoyed working with you. I especially appreciate your kindness and patience at a rough time. I am glad I didn't wait but I was not at my best and you really made it ok."

"Leslie is a phenomenal organizer. I was blessed by a dear friend who gave me the gift of Leslie's services when we moved a couple of years ago. Leslie is a great listener, she helps problem solve, prioritize and simplify. I'd recommend Leslie to anyone interested in decluttering, organizing, or simplifying their life."

"Leslie is amazing. Easy to talk to about goals & thoughts for the project, and very professional & efficient."

"Leslie's respectful nudging and supportive inspiration have had a life-changing (literally) impact on me. She not only provides guidance about how best to organize clutter, she instills a desire to organize *for the right reasons*. Once that clicks, everything else does. I can't say enough good things about this truly good and gifted person."
~Christina K.

"After assessing what I wanted to accomplish, a package was my best option and it 'over-delivered'! It has been freeing and life changing! At the start, I was very anxious. Working with Leslie took away my anxiety. She was very respectful and understanding! We got everything done and now I can find my shoes! I am very grateful and highly recommend her services! Bonus- she took away my donated articles."