Posted on: April 10, 2013


Closet thighs

Closet too full?

How much of it is “junk food clothing?”  You know, bought on impulse, feels good in the moment, but goes straight to your closet’s thighs?

Clothing is purchased on impulse for a myriad of reasons.  Some shoppers think they will feel more confident for an upcoming event in a new outfit and rush out at the last minute to find an item to boost their confidence.  Others have difficulty walking out of a store empty-handed.  The thrill of a good deal can also contribute to impulse purchases.  Whatever the reason, the items bought on impulse are often the ones adding to overall closet clutter and disorganization.

Can’t find that black t-shirt for tomorrow?   The Big Box store is five minutes away, it will be fairly inexpensive there, and it will look fresh and clean.   You run to the store instead of facing the overstuffed closet.   But the shirt is probably baggy in the wrong places and is too tight in others.  It ends up in the back of the closet.  With the other three.

Clothing purchased on impulse is often less thoughtful.  It fills a need or craving, but in the end is empty calories.  It can, however, be a hard habit to break.

Curbing the “junk food clothing” habit is much like curbing the “junk food eating” habit.  It helps to learn to recognize your triggers and find replacement behaviors.  You know you should make “healthy” choices readily available for food and the same goes for clothes.   Go through your closet.  Consider giving the front-and-center closet space to the “healthy” clothes.  Healthy clothes are the pieces that work for your body, during this Spring season – the pieces that “fit” right now.

When you are purchasing a new item, try planning ahead.  Look through your clothes and try to shop knowing EXACTLY what you are looking for.  Look for versatile pieces that work for more than one occasion.

Your closet will thank you 🙂