Published: February 20, 2020

  1. Recognize – This step is about recognizing our brains can sometimes distort the facts to reinforce negative thinking. This process, known as Cognitive Distortion, convinces people that they are “bad” at organizing, when they can actually be successful using non-traditional approach. These thoughts may be the result of repeated negative messages from a partner, or repeated failures at organizing systems that have too many steps, or require too much effort to maintain.
  2. Reframe – This step is about filtering out the negative messaging. The client is used to looking for what is wrong. It is necessary to teach them to make a habit of re-framing those thoughts to highlight the positive. I encourage clients to share stories of their success when I arrive, allowing them to take ownership of their success and begin looking for it when I am not there.
  3. Replace – Once the client has learned to recognize their negative thoughts and reframe them, it is time to permanently replace their thinking about their ability to be organized. They learn that while their method may not be the same as their partner, what they read on-line, or see on the shelf at Container Store, the result works for them and leads to long-term success!

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