Posted on: June 2, 2020

The insight from the Covid-19 crisis and the current protests is that we are all interconnected and thus, our health depends on each other.

Leonard A. Jason

All four regions of Illinois re-opened with new guidelines on May 29th, except Chicago. The systematic re-organization of processes across all levels of operation is impressive to say the least. It is certainly convenient that this is not happening in the dead of winter!

In my county of DuPage in IL, the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 has finally been below 5 per day for the last week or so. At a local outdoor garden center the majority of people (myself included) took the extra precaution of wearing masks. We were cautious and respectful of each other. What will happen as restrictions start to ease and social distanced gatherings begin is anyone’s guess.

My suggestion is to be prepared.

If you haven’t already, have a gentle conversation with those in your “Living in Place” zone. Have a plan for when your daughter’s friend, “Melissa,” tests positive – for example:
Will your daughter quarantine in your home?
With what restrictions?
For how long?
Will she get tested?
I cannot answer those questions for you. But it is wise to be proactive and make these unilateral decisions now, rather than making them under duress.

My family chose the master bedroom as the potential quarantine zone over the basement because it has it’s own bathroom and can fit a mini-fridge – and has windows! We may have to be flexible, but better to start with a Plan A and shift to B and C from there.

Stay safe and be well.