Posted on: January 5, 2019


On New Year’s Day, I binge-watched Marie Kondo’s, “Tidying Up,” on Netflix and started in on my clothes. Because I have gone through the exercise before, my clothing pile was small enough to count! I reduced the pile of 92 items to 74 because certain items were tired, faded, or just not serving me anymore. (Please see previous post…Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – Lesson 1)

Three of the items were sweaters in my capsule wardrobe, so I planned a trip to Revive Consignment in St. Charles to find replacements. I like Revive because it is small, cute, clean, and easy to navigate. Jackie, the owner, is super-helpful and heavily scrutinizes items before she accepts them – I know because I have had appointments to bring items to sell! That makes me feel better as a customer on the shopping side of things.

Jackie’s mom was working in the shop when I arrived and when she inquired, “Do you know what you are looking for?” I bet she was not expecting my answer! Having holes in my capsule wardrobe means I am searching for very particular colors and garments. They must match EVERYTHING and look decent in various combinations.

“Does the item ‘spark joy?’”

We worked together, pulling sweaters in solid colors that met my criteria. This trip, I was shopping with the additional criteria – “Does the item ‘spark joy?’” And then I saw it! Hanging with a group of not yet tagged items – a sweater cape. In my color palette! A check of the tag revealed, Calvin Klein. Perfect! Not only did it look great on, I can report that it is fun to wear! Success!

I was also able to find a decent cardigan to replace the faded one I was letting go. It has pockets and a “just right” weight to it. The “spark joy” factor was a subtle splash of rhinestones on the cuffs of the sleeves. I do enjoy a little well-placed wrist bling.

An unexpected find were the boots! More joy! I had never replaced the pair chewed by the Bernese Mountain dogs. In part, because I wear a 9W and have difficulty finding my size, and in part because I prefer to shop in-person second hand. But there were! With a flat heel to boot – lol!

Looking forward to getting back to work on Monday and spreading some joy!

Would you like to learn more about how to spark joy in a capsule wardrobe? Contact me at and let’s get started!